4 Things You Should Remember Before Buying Swimwear

Who doesn’t like to have a nice tan or take a dip in the beautiful blue waters at the destination of their choice? And to enjoy it to one’s heart’s content, perfect swimwear is required. However, you may be confused about whether to go with a triangle bikini top or a longline bra bikini top. With so many styles, trends, and patterns, making a decision can be quite a task. Hence, some points are jotted down to prevent you from getting overwhelmed and having a seamless shopping experience.

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Like any other clothing item, buying swimwear requires one to take accurate measurements. Be careful while measuring your bust, waist and hips and find the one that complements your body type. If you want to buy a bikini, make sure that it is not too tight so that it can expand after absorbing the water and not too loose, which may look clumsy and unflattering.

For example, to create an hourglass silhouette, you can go for high-waisted bikinis that accentuate the upper tummy region. If you have large busts, then you need more support and a better lift. So, bandeau and balconette bikini tops will fit you the best.


A woman who has a thin frame should choose a swimsuit that adds volume to the shape. For example, swimsuits with hip ties, ruffles, breast padding or cutouts create an optical illusion making one look curvy. A one-piece suit with cutouts may make the waist appear slimmer for a plus-sized woman. It is best for women with heavy bottoms to wear swimsuits in solid colours and clean cuts. It is best to avoid excess detailing, fabric and busy prints on the bottom area. You can flaunt your cleavage in a sexy one-piece with a plunging neckline if you have heavy busts. Also, a halter top with wide straps will work well for you.


Each swimsuit is designed for a definite purpose. So, if you want a bikini for tanning, a string bikini with a plunging neckline and cheeky cut bottom would do perfectly. You can also go for a strapless bikini to have easy-to-hide tan lines and highlight the areas of shoulders and collarbones.

But while you go surfing, you need a surf bikini in racer-back or cross-back style to give you adequate support. A comfy cap-sleeved full-coverage swimsuit with a zipped front would also create a statement and make for classy beach fashion. You could also choose a one-piece bikini with high-back or covered-back detailing to support the front. Also, if you want maximum SPF coverage, you can opt for a long-sleeved suit and wear it over a bikini top for better support.


The best fabric choice for most types of swimwear would be polyester and elastane blend. Elastane will provide the required stretch, while polyester is chlorine resistant and colourfast. Another fabric that you may look at is PBT which is long-lasting, and its resistance to salt water makes it an excellent choice for your surfing. However, if you are going surfing in the winter months, you should buy a wetsuit made from neoprene. If you are purchasing fashion swimwear, you might get that in polyamide. It would give you a flattering fit and comfort. But if you are just going for a tan relaxing on a deck chair or lounge by the beach, you can go for natural fibres like cotton.

Now that you know the essential factors to consider, get your hands on some stylish swimsuits you have been eyeing for so long. 

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