Navigating the Future with Hyflux and KPMG’s Innovative Products and Services

KPMG Hyflux, a pioneering collaboration between KPMG and Hyflux Ltd., stands as a global leader in water and wastewater treatment solutions. Established in 1989, Hyflux Ltd. has emerged as a trailblazer in sustainable water resource management and energy-efficient wastewater technologies. This dynamic partnership has become a powerhouse in integrated water management across the Asia Pacific and beyond. Leveraging over two decades of experience, quality KPMG Hyflux strives to enhance the quality of life through innovative technology that meets international environmental standards, all while ensuring economic viability.

Background on KPMG:

KPMG’s story traces back to a rich history that commenced in 1818. Its journey began as an accounting firm in London, founded by William Barclay Peat. Through time, KPMG has transcended boundaries and evolved into a vast network of member firms spanning more than 150 countries worldwide. Its cadre of experienced professionals delivers tailored advice and solutions to clients, covering audit, tax, and advisory services.

KPMG’s growth in North America took shape through strategic mergers with Canadian member firms, starting in 1986. Today, with a global presence and over 200,000 dedicated staff members, KPMG remains a beacon of excellence in the professional services domain.

Services Offered by KPMG:

KPMG boasts a versatile portfolio of services designed to cater to the diverse needs of its clients. The core audit practice offers independent assurance, ensuring financial statements’ accuracy and safeguarding against fraud risks. Additionally, KPMG’s tax practice excels in navigating the complexities of local and international taxation laws, enabling clients to maximize profits while complying with regulations. The firm also extends advisory services, including strategy development and corporate restructuring assistance, enhancing clients’ ability to thrive in their respective industries.

Background on Hyflux:

Founded in 1989 by Olivia Lum, Hyflux has grown to become a Singapore-based integrated water and power solutions provider. Beginning as an engineering services company focusing on wastewater treatment solutions, Hyflux expanded its horizons, covering technology development, project management, and operation & maintenance services. Listed on the Singapore Exchange in 2017, Hyflux is now a global player in providing innovative and sustainable solutions to complex water challenges.

Products & Services Offered by Hyflux:

Hyflux’s comprehensive water treatment solutions encompass desalination facilities, wastewater treatment plants, membrane bioreactors, and reverse osmosis technology, among others. Its advanced technologies have garnered global recognition and adoption, transforming the landscape of water and energy industries across 30 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

Impact of Covid-19:

The world grapples with the profound impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, leaving an indelible mark on societies, economies, and public health systems. Global supply chains have faced unprecedented disruptions, leading to business closures and job losses worldwide. This ripple effect has far-reaching consequences on businesses’ future profitability and viability. The pandemic also highlighted the vulnerabilities of public health systems, testing hospitals with shortages of vital medical equipment and protective gear for healthcare professionals.

Effect on KPMG Businesses:

KPMG’s wide array of services has played a pivotal role in the growth of businesses across the globe. Offering financial advice, management guidance, and audit services, KPMG empowers small businesses to thrive and comply with regulatory requirements. Additionally, its tax advisory aids companies in optimizing tax liabilities and adhering to local laws, contributing to economic stability and prosperity worldwide.

Effect on Hyflux Businesses:

Hyflux, a key player in the global water and energy industry, faced challenges during the pandemic. Supply chain disruptions and travel restrictions impacted their operations, while also highlighting the importance of sustainable water management in times of crisis.


The innovative partnership between KPMG and Hyflux has proved instrumental in advancing water and wastewater treatment solutions. This dynamic collaboration not only showcases the power of strategic partnerships but also exemplifies the commitment to sustainable practices in water management. As KPMG Hyflux continues to chart new territories in the field of integrated water management, its expertise will drive sustainable decision-making, benefiting businesses and the environment alike.

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