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Today, we live in a technological world. We use so many devices that help us to solve many daily problems. On the other hand, we get way more new tasks and problems that should be solved as well. Our devices connect us to the world’s library. And because of all that information, we get tired. So if you get tired again, try to play at PlayAmo casino. You will see, your mood will rise! We are going to share some latest news from the gaming world. 

System Shock Remake

The developers confirmed the release in March this year. The game should be diversified by new variations of opponents, which were not particularly talked about, but showed pictures.

Another new type of enemy is labeled as “a reference to the original, which we initially missed, but then decided to include in the game.” They also introduced Diego, who will repeatedly appear in front of the player in the course of the action. 

The developers also boasted of an extremely detailed dismemberment system, worked out separately for each type of opponent. They demonstrated this on flying mutants, and this video, along with all the others, can be seen in the original post, it is the latest there.

Also mentioned were new effects for the Fusion Rifle and some other weapons, Citadel skins, and scanning the appropriate maps to access locked areas. The game is expected to release in March on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The developers claim that the previous transfer took place due to the accession of Prime Matter, after which System Shock became larger and more convenient for players. This, of course, should not happen again.


Indie studio Robson Paiva has released a new short video dedicated to the dark sci-fi Metroidvania Sessions. It showed the locations where the main character runs, fighting with various robots, and all this was interspersed with separate fragments of cutscenes.

Despite the simplicity, the graphics in the game not only look quite nice but also convey a melancholic mood. Sessions combine horror, action, and atmospheric exploration. The player takes on the role of an artificial human in a dystopian world populated by mysterious creatures. In this dark sci-fi story, you will have to face existential horrors and frightening creatures. This is a game about exploring the unknown and discovering the horrors of human existence, soaked in an atmosphere of loneliness and memories.

The developers promise a dark and mysterious story, a huge, surreal, and solid world, interesting characters with their own motives, non-linearity, elements of horror, and a weapon modification system. All this can be mastered at the pace of slow, methodical gameplay.

Sessions is a sequel to the game REDO!, but the developers believe that familiarity with the previous part is not required to fully understand the plot. Which is good, the previous game still looks much weaker.

The game is scheduled to release on PC in the fourth quarter of 2023. 

Hitman 1, Hitman 2, And Hitman 3

IO Interactive has announced that it will be merging content from Hitman 1, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3 starting January 26. From that date, Hitman World of Assassination will be the only option available to purchase in stores.

Hitman 3 owners will be able to upgrade to Hitman World of Assassination for free. According to the developers, thanks to the introduction of a new model, players will no longer have questions about which edition to buy and what content it includes.

Elden Ring

There’s a lot to be said for how Elden Ring has exceeded all expectations – not only of the developers but also of the gamers and even of the publisher itself. It’s not just a highlight for the FromSoftware team, but one of the best games of all time today. At least judging by the number of “Game of the Year” awards.

If we take data on top titles that have collected more than a couple of hundred Game of the Year titles, then Elden Ring has left even The Last of Us Part 2 behind. The PlayStation exclusive at one time had 322 awards. Whereas The Witcher 3 collected 281 awards in 2015.

However, in the end, it is not so important how many titles each of the games collected. If you like some other game, then this makes it no less valuable from a subjective point of view.

As for FromSoftware, the studio is due to release a new part of Armored Core this year, it will be interesting to see what the studio has done with the franchise after a long break.

Dwarf Fortress

It’s been less than a month since Dwarf Fortress hit Steam, and things are going phenomenally well for the developers. According to the latest report from Bay 12 Games, the enhanced paid version sold nearly half a million copies in December. An incredible number for a title that, in its basic form, came out about 20 years ago.

According to Tarn Adams, the exact sales figures will be known in mid-February, after they are processed by Valve and publisher Kitfox, but if this continues, then developers may not worry about retirement.

Thanks to excellent sales, the team of two brothers has hired a new programmer to fix bugs and improve overall quality, but he won’t start until this month. Tharn himself will be able to switch to adding new features.

The next major addition to Dwarf Fortress will be an arena mode, followed by an adventure mode that turns the game into a roguelike where you have to explore the ruins of your own fortresses.

Despite the high sales, the developers will start receiving their money only in a month, so the team is not opposed to direct donations for coffee.

Destiny 2

There used to be some news about the data miner Elliot discovering files hinting at the appearance of a monthly paid subscription for Destiny 2. Now the creators have announced that the leak was false and should have been an ordinary joke.

This recognition is connected with the fact that false information has spread quite widely and seriously angered many people. Elliot claims that he pulled his prank “without malicious intent”, and all subsequent joke posts will be marked accordingly.

Elliot also pointed out that data miners can only delve into the files of the current version of Destiny 2. If someone reports that he has found information related to the next updates, such statements should always be treated with great suspicion. Though, it is almost impossible to do so.

Destiny 2 is available on PC and consoles of both generations.

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