Roadside Emergencies: How to Handle the Situation

Vehicles are prone to experiencing flat tires, engine breakdowns, faulty batteries, fuel issues or accidents at some point in their lifespan. Meanwhile, reports from the Road Safety Statistics from the Brisbane, Queensland government shows that road accidents occur due to distracted driving, speeding, drunk driving, tailgating and fatigue.

Brisbane, which has an average of 2.56 million citizens, has seen an increase in road fatalities in the past five years by 2%. As such, a tow truck in Brisbane offers towing services to such vehicles, helping the drivers get to the nearest mechanic for immediate repair.

However, the drivers ought to be aware of the conduct and procedure they must follow during such incidents to seek immediate help, protect themselves and passengers and keep other vehicles safe.

Actions the Drivers Must Take During a Roadside Emergency


Immediately After the Incident

Whenever a vehicle breaks down or faces an accident on the roads of Brisbane, they must first try to move the car to the far-left side of the road. Even if they foresee an engine shutdown or a punctured tire, they must try to move off the centre of the road to protect themselves and the passengers and prevent hindrance to the movement of other vehicles.

Ensure Safety

Upon stopping on the roadside, they must switch on the hazard lights or the parking lights to indicate their vehicle’s presence in an unusual space for upcoming drivers. They can get off the vehicle if it is safe and wait near the sidewalk or stay inside it with the seatbelt on. And if they predict engine or leakage issues, they must stay at a safe distance from the car. They can then call a tow truck in Brisbane to pick up the car and drop it at the nearest mechanic service centre.

On Motorway or Heavy-traffic Roads

What’s worse than having a car breakdown in the middle of the road? The situation may occur on a motorway with heavy and fast-moving vehicles. In such situations, they must take one of the emergency breakdown lanes or the left side of the road and wait behind roadside barriers to avoid further accidents through collisions with the highway traffic. They can remove the car keys, and the passengers have to wait for help at a safe distance.

Handle Kids and Pets Calmly

Having a car breakdown with kids or pets on board who might find it difficult to understand the situation can be stressful. They might start getting anxious or cry out of panic. Drivers and other adults present must stay calm and reassure them and move them to a safer location. And if they need to stay in the car, they can crack open the window or switch on the AC to prevent getting sunstroke from the Australian heat.

Do Not Continue Driving

Despite experiencing issues with the car, some drivers might feel that they can make it to the nearest mechanic centre or their destinations. But this can be a dangerous ordeal for the driver and the vehicles around. Some might even try to fix the car themselves without having an adequate understanding of its workings.

Do Not Wave Down Other Vehicles

Some might even try to wave down the passing vehicles to catch the attention of the drivers and seek help from them. While it is okay on the road with minimal to no traffic, it can pose a danger on a highway. So a better protocol to follow would be to call a tow truck in Brisbane for aid and let the trusted professionals assess the situation. As such, every driver must follow appropriate road safety protocol.

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