Texas Car Shipping: Several Options to Help Make Your Move Simple

Car shipping is an efficient and economical means of transporting your vehicle. In this article, we’ll look into why this method is cost-effective and hassle-free.

Long Distance

Long distance car transport costs depend on various factors, including vehicle size and weight, destination state and mode of transport chosen. Open auto transport tends to be the least costly choice if you want to ship car to Texas, while enclosed shipping provides added protection from weather elements and road debris. Express delivery or weekend services may incur an additional fee.

Some Texas companies provide door-to-door service while others only deliver to terminals. When considering shipping with a terminal only company, be sure to inquire about their pick-up and delivery policies as this should provide you with a list of approved pickup/drop off locations. Prepare your vehicle by clearing away personal effects such as luggage as well as making sure its gas tank doesn’t exceed one quarter full before transporting.

Route is another factor that can impact the price; typically, the greater its length, the more it will cost. Shipping your vehicle in winter could save money as rates tend to be more affordable.

When comparing quotes, be sure to consider both price and customer service when making your selection. A reputable company should provide continuous updates throughout the shipping process to ensure your vehicle reaches Texas safely.


Texas, as the second-most populous state (source: https://texasproud.com), experiences high demand for these very services. Door-to-door auto transport offers customers an efficient solution that’s more convenient, but can cost more.

The primary determining factors of door-to-door transport prices include vehicle type and dimensions, pickup/delivery locations, distance between them and traffic conditions/weather/road construction issues. Expect higher costs if shipping your car into densely populated cities like Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin or San Antonio as opposed to more remote regions.

Another factor influencing the price of car transportation from door-to-door is your choice between open or enclosed transport. Enclosed auto transport tends to be more expensive; however, its additional protection against dirt and debris during transit makes it worthwhile. If you own an exotic or classic vehicle, enclosed auto transport may provide the best protection possible for its value during its travels.

Picking up your car from a terminal may save money; just make sure that a reliable broker handles this process. Ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned out prior to removal for transit as this will reduce chances of accidents during shipping to Texas or vice versa. Also keep an eye out for tracking services – tracking is often available allowing you to keep an eye on its progress!


Terminal-to-terminal transport may be the right solution if you need to ship your vehicle across town or to another state. Unlike door-to-door delivery – which this blog goes further into – terminal-to-terminal shipping involves dropping and collecting your car at designated auto terminals in large cities near major roads; typically located nearby highways or major thoroughfares.

Typically, you will drive your vehicle to a terminal for drop-off and then collect it at its destination terminal later. At that point, a carrier will load and ship each vehicle according to priority; once yours arrives at its final terminal you will be notified and can pick it up – often gas or other expenses related to retrieving your car will apply in such instances.

Many companies provide door-to-door car transportation as an optional service. While this may be more costly than terminal-to-terminal shipping, door-to-door offers greater convenience as your carrier will collect and deliver your vehicle at locations near to your home or office. This carrier will remain in direct contact with you throughout the entire process and often provides constant communication as well as enclosed trailers to protect it during its journey.


If you are an owner or dealership, your auto transport needs may differ considerably from those of private consumers. You must meet customer needs in terms of timeline, budget, shipping method and vehicle specifications–which often involves specialty vehicles or heavy loads. To make sure that commercial auto transport runs smoothly, find a company specialized in your chosen type of auto shipping with considerable experience in that specific niche area.

Selecting an auto transport company tailored specifically to your situation will ensure you receive quality services at competitive prices. When shipping with Intercity Lines, you will experience a stress-free process from beginning to end and receive your car in excellent condition at its destination. Contact us now for more information and a free quote!

Texas, as the second most populous state in the US, boasts no shortage of companies offering services to and from Texas. Unfortunately, finding one with superior service may prove challenging. To ease your search process we have put together a list of tips to make your auto transport experience seamless: step-by-step instructions; common auto transport questions and answers.

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