Everything You Need to Know about Remarketing 

As a business owner, it is crucial to know about remarketing. If you haven’t heard about remarketing before, you might be thinking about what remarketing is and whether it helps you target individuals who have already engaged with your brand.

To answer these questions, let us have a closer look at how remarketing can help your business.

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Remarketing – A Review

Remarketing has become an increasingly popular advertising strategy. It incorporates targeting individuals who have already engaged with your brand.

The engagement can be in the form of a website visit, clicking on one of your ads, an unprocessed order, a Google search – and something as simple as a follow on social media.

Remarketing – the Goals

The objectives of remarketing are to increase your conversion rates and improve lead generation, making it a valuable tool for achieving overall marketing success.

Simply put – remarketing is all about following up with existing leads. The aim of Google remarketing services is to remind people of your brand, re-engage them and hopefully encourage them to make a purchase.

You can use different channels for remarketing purposes, such as emails, Google Ads, Instagram, Microsoft Bing, Facebook, and even SMS.

Remarketing vs. Retargeting

Typically, people confuse the two terms – remarketing and retargeting. In the past, remarketing was limited to email, and retargeting was all about paid ads.

Nonetheless, today both tools have evolved to a point where they are used interchangeably. And much of this aspect is that email is no longer kept from the paid media part of the world.

The primary differences have now come down to strategy and focus.

Retargeting – retargeting is mainly concerned with paid ads. It is all about using the collected information to boost your paid ad strategy so that you can target the right people. The primary objective of retargeting is to attract new customers.

Remarketing – remarketing is more focused on using the information you collected on previous visitors. Remarketing is all about reaching out to those who have already interacted with you – but – in a more personalized way.

Different types of Remarketing

Let us have a look at the types of remarketing that you could choose from.

Display Marketing

Display marketing is probably the most common remarketing type. Display marketing includes ads to reach users who have previously visited your site. You use the information collected through cookies to direct traffic to your site and then target them with ads.

Search Remarketing

Search remarketing is all about tracking information collected from Google searches to target the traffic that has shown interest in your brand. But – instead of targeting users with a display ad, you incorporate paid advertising on search engine results.

Email Remarketing

Email remarketing is the earliest form of remarketing. Typically, it involves sending promotional emails to users who have described your site or newsletter.

You can use email remarketing to contact users who have abandoned a shopping cart on your site or suggest additional products to existing customers.  

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