How JEE Main Rank Predictor Works

Most students are curious about their scores on the JEE entrance test. A system was designed to predict their rank in the exam to address this issue. These rank predictors are easy tools to use. Although they can give inaccurate results, one can rely on their accuracy to get almost the same result. The rank predictor was designed with last year’s results/ranks. So, it provides an estimate of the rank, but the qualifying cut-off, number of applicants, etc., change every year. So, it cannot be accurate for the current year. One can input their score in this calculator to get an approximate idea of how they did on the JEE Main.

How You can Use the JEE Main Rank Predictor Tool

The students can use the rank predictor for the JEE Main 2022 to determine their ranks. Registration needs to be completed first to enter the required details for a prediction.

  • The candidate should register first for the rank predictor of JEE Main 2022.
  • Put in the details in the rank predictor tool.
  • Check your estimated JEE Main percentile and rank based on your inputs.

How You can Register for Rank Predictor of JEE Main 2022

The students can register for the rank predictor tool for JEE Main 2022 by filling in the below details-

  • Mobile Number
  • Current City
  • Email Id
  • Name
  • Class

After filling in all the details, it’s time to sign up for the rank predictor of JEE Main 2022. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button at the bottom of this page. It offers a rank predictor ranking system that lets you determine which university has offered more seats than others. You can register using your Google account.

What Information to Enter Into the JEE Main Rank Predictor:

Candidates must fill in the following information after registration to take JEE Main 2022 exam:

  • Select category
  • Registration Number for the JEE Main 2022 (Optional)
  • Probable score out of 300
  • Birthdate
  • Differently Abled- Yes/No

After putting all this information, you’ll need to click on “Predict My rank”.

How to Calculate Rank from Percentile in Rank Predictor Tool?

Candidate’s RankCumulative MarksObtained Percentile
19-12286- 29299.99826992- 99.99890732
42-23280-28499.99617561 – 99.99790569
106-64268- 27999.99034797 – 99.99417236
524-108250- 26799.95228621- 99.99016586
4667-2863200-21499.57503767- 99.73930423
6664- 4830189-19999.39319714- 99.56019541
10746-7152175-18899.02150308 – 99.3487614
76260-6699995-10193.05600452 -93.89928202
87219-7811189-9492.05811248 -92.88745828
109329-9014479-8890.0448455 -91.79177119

Benefits of Using Rank Predictor for the JEE Main 2022:

  • The predictor saves aspirants a lot of time and effort. It helps them identify which colleges their JEE Main ranks put them into.
  • The students could prepare for the counselling process of the JEE Mains 2022 by making a college list they might be interested in.
  • Students can predict their JEE Main 2022 rank through the predictor.

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