Importance of Physical Activity

Fitness when nicely maintained helps an individual in the long run to maintain a great state of well being and good health. Physical health and fitness can provide us with the capacity to be able to do activities which are physical in nature without getting tired, lethargic, or restless. If you wish to maintain a very good physical health and enthusiasm, you should regularly engage in physical exercise and focus on having a balanced diet. It is very crucial that we should maintain good health in order to stay vital, happy and get free from all sorts of diseases and also get all the varied advantages that accompany a healthy lifestyle. An individual which has good and proper health also enjoys their lives to the fullest and tries to make the best out of their lives. It is very important that each of us should focus on their physical and mental health, as it can enhance the quality of life of every individual in the best manner possible.the importance of good health should be Fostered by everyone be it teachers via classroom app, parents by live examples and other people should popularize the idea as it is very vital. 

 When we are physically fit and mentallly healthy, there are reduced chances of falling sick or facing multiple medical problems. When we discuss medical fitness most people assume that it only deals with physical health of an individual however, it’s not like that,we are also talking about the mental health of an individual as you are nothing without properly balanced physical and mental being. We can only be called medically fit when we have achieved a fantastic physical and mental state. 

If we wish to stay mentally fit, the best method to do it is by relieving our mind from all sources of stress by eating a healthy nutritional diet and regular body movement. Also it is very important to maintain body weight, as only then we would be less vulnerable to various health conditions such as cardiac problems, obesity, anxiety etc. So being physically active also keeps you mentally fit as it releases a lot of hormones and relieves you from stress.not only this fit and healthy people have amazing coping skills and can make the best out of every odds they experience. Let’s discuss some ways to maintain good physical health and overall fitness: 

Today there are multiple ways by which we can stay healthy and fit, you can simply use YouTube to view new exercise routines, or use video chat or blogs to view balanced diet plans etc. Some of them are. 

1. We should always give our best shot to involve ourselves in exercise daily by just taking out 10 minutes from your tight schedule. People often feel that they should do exercise for 30 min or 1 hour only then people would lose some weight or avail the benefits of exercise. Only doing a little bit of exercise regularly can profoundly lead to changes in your own lives.  

2. Eating the right and nutritious food in the proper quantity and at the proper time is very vital if you wish to stay happy and fit. The optimum way to reach good health is by taking good nutrition which consists of low fat, high fibre, minerals , vitamins, zinc and high quantity of protein. 

3. If you really wish to stay physically healthy and mentally fit, you should also focus on observing your sleep cycle and sleep habits. It is very vital that we maintain great discipline in these areas as it can help immensely in creating the life we desire for. Forming a routine and following it consistently can bring wonders in an individual’s life, however in that process most people try to ignore their sleep, considering it as a waste of time and using it to fulfill the unattained goal. But the case is not the same as we believe. Sleep rather helps to rejuvenate and promote creative thinking. As advised  by various experts we should focus on 8 hours of sleep every night as it can help in strengthening your immune system. Gaining good hours of sleep can also help in improving your mind and emotions.

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