Inflatable Kayaks: All You Need To Know

An inflatable kayak is the future of outdoor travel and adventurers since it is strong, durable, and steady. Like inflatable paddle boards, inflatable kayaks increase transportation options and open the sporting activity to a wider audience.

Inflatable kayaks are boats with many PVC layers and air compartments specifically engineered to produce stability to float on the waters. From the stern and bow to the seating and oar, shapes resemble solid-shelled kayaks. The performance of these contemporary kayaks is on par with that of their hard-shell equivalents.

Types of Kayaking Aussies Enjoy

Adventurous Aussies can access the oceans with an inflatable kayak without the inconvenience of storage space or roof mounts found in boats. When you get to your preferred aquatic spot, wrap the kayak, pump it, and go in the water. It is that simple.

The 3-main types of kayaking that Aussies enjoy are as follows:-

  • Peaceful Kayaking
  • Rowing in still water
  • Whitewater paddling among rapids

Ocean Kayaking

Based on the day’s circumstances, sea kayaking offers numerous kayaking techniques: mild and calm days are ideal for novices, whilst capturing and riding waves delivers a rush equivalent to kayaking over Whitewater rapids.

Lake Paddling

On calm water, lake kayaking is typically a tranquil activity. The amount of technical expertise needed is very less. It can nevertheless rise under particular crosswinds.

River Kayaking

Again, river kayaking uses various techniques based on the water and the quantity of water. Some rivers flow slowly, which is advantageous for novices who want to get some practice kayaking on flowing water. For more seasoned kayakers, other waterways with a quicker flow might be a fun challenge with possible whitewater rapids to experiment with. With a two-bladed paddle, inflatable kayaks can easily handle all types of rowing over calm and choppy waters. They provide novices with an excellent platform to pick up the fundamental skills and build trust while allowing experienced kayakers to put on a stunning performance.

Categories Of Inflatable Kayaks

One can find several inflatable kayak designs in the market. One can decide on one depending on their preferred paddling technique and determine which kind is ideal.

Self-bailing kayaks

They come with holes in the bottom that let water pass through, making them perfect for rapid-moving water situations. It implies that despite calm and flat-water conditions, the seat most often would be wet.


A mixed design with a centre of gravity and restricted situations in which one may use it securely. Sit-on kayaks are incredibly simple to grasp the fundamentals.


Due to a low centre of gravity, they provide more buoyancy and economy when paddling. Sit-in kayaks are great for multiple-day trips since they have more room in the cabin for kit storage.

Tandem paddling

It is ideal when one wants companionship while paddling! Tandem kayaks have two seats and are often sturdier and steadier due to their length.

Effortless Storage Of An Inflatable Kayak

The packing choices for an inflatable kayak are one of their key benefits. Depending on the amount of space one has for storage, inflatable kayaks can be filled or compressed. Always discharge a modest airflow from the compartments before putting inflated items away. It protects the seams and prolongs the life of the new kayak. For those who want to paddle frequently and store the kayak near the water, inflatable ones are an excellent idea. The inflated kayak must be completely dry before deflating. If damp, mould growth on the kayak is possible, which further harms the material.

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