Mortgages: Why and How They Help You Get Your Dream Home

Real estate is booming, and you should get on the ride before it’s too late. Meanwhile, over 60% of the Michigan population has or has had a mortgage loan. With homeowners selling their ideal homes and properties like hotcakes, one can easily find themselves left behind. So real estate rushes mean climbing property prices. In such conditions, buying your dream home can take years of saving. But, worry not because a Michigan mortgage can save the day. In the meantime, many remain apprehensive about mortgages and won’t depend on them. So read on to understand how and why they work.

What Are Mortgages?

Mortgages are loans for which properties or real estate serve as a guarantee. The loan itself is specifically for property purchases or maintenance. And if the borrower fails to pay the amount with interest in the given time, the lending financial institution seizes the property and assumes ownership. Such loans are beneficial to both parties since property prices are relatively stable and project upwards. 

Types of Mortgages


Fixed-rate mortgages are loans with fixed interest rates. These rates are not subject to change for the entire duration of the mortgage. It is perfect for people who love budgeting and sticking to their monthly budgets as the amount paid monthly or annually is the same. However, the rates may be higher than adjustable-rate mortgages as banks try to minimize loss. Meanwhile, inflation makes money in the future more valuable than money in the present, so with that in mind, fixed-rate mortgages can be beneficial.

Conventional Mortgages

Over 75% of Michigan residents with a mortgage have a conventional thirty-year fixed-rate mortgage. While all conventional mortgages have fixed rates, the converse statement isn’t true.

Some banks in Michigan allow recasting on a thirty-year Michigan mortgage, potentially lowering your monthly or annual payments. So always check with your bank if this is a feature you can utilize. 

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

Mortgages with adjustable rates have varying rates that change depending on national and market rates. And most mortgages have a fixed rate for the first seven years, after which the rate becomes variable. 

Monthly or annual payments will not stay consistent; if market rates increase, so does yours. However, you can save thousands of dollars on a mortgage if market rates fall. 

The initial rates of these mortgages are relatively lesser because there is risk involved for the borrower. 

Government Mortgages

The US Government offers various mortgages with better deals to citizens who meet specific requirements. From veterans to those situated in rural areas, there’s a scheme for everyone. So, find out if you fit in any category since these mortgages typically have better rates than most financial institutions. 

How Can Mortgages Help You?

In an investment-frenzied society, saving can only take a person so far. A fixed amount of money loses value after time, and saving it can set you far behind. And for many, attaining their dream house will always remain a dream, but mortgages can help you work around that. 

The US Federal Housing Administration ensures that Michigan residents can move forward. The FHA has special schemes that offer anyone with a good credit score and stable income (in specific conditions) the best mortgage deals in the country. Besides, veteran offers are also available.

Down Payment

One of the most crucial aspects of mortgages is budgeting. So, always set aside money for the down payment while comparing different mortgage deals. These are lump-sum payments before a mortgage, and many potential homeowners forget to factor this cost into their budgeting!

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