Online Engagement Ring Shopping: Is It Safe?

The newest bestsellers and three pairs of shoes without ever leaving your couch? Online shopping is a blessing for impulsive purchases like that, right? Please, yes. The laws of shopping change a little when it comes to purchasing engagement rings in Melbourne online (or any fine jewellery, for that matter). The average cost of an engagement ring in Melbourne is $5,367, according to 2020 wedding industry research. You can’t just browse, put items in your basket, and complete the checkout process. Make sure you receive what you paid for when it comes to an engagement ring, which is generally a significant financial investment. Here are a few tips when buying an engagement ring over the internet.

You should verify the Certificate:

A lab certificate guaranteeing the diamond’s quality should be included with every diamond ring. Many laboratories and certifications aren’t the same. Look for a GIA or AGS-certified diamond for the most accurate and dependable grading method.

Check out the Refund Policy:

Check out the return policy of the website you’re looking at before you purchase a ring online. How long can you return or exchange a product? Is it possible to get a refund without having to pay anything? Is it possible to get a complete refund for your ring, or will the jeweller merely offer you store credit instead? Are you responsible for the cost of returning the item? Is there a lifetime guarantee on the ring? If not, how long will the manufacturer’s warranty cover the product? No, they will not cover resizing or charge fees if the ring does not fit. Answer these before you go to the checkout. No return policy is an indication that the site is untrustworthy.

Keep an Eye on Delivery:

It’s important to know that your prized possession will arrive in good condition after discovering it. Reputable websites frequently include shipping and insurance. Your ring, loose diamonds, or gemstones should be carefully packaged. Make sure they provide gift wrapping and a gift certificate if appearance is important to you.

Take a Look at the Big Picture:

One thing is certain: size counts for engagement rings and wedding bands. In millimetres, standard ring sizes depend on the diameter of the ring’s inner circle. You may use a mandrel set or a ring size chart to measure an existing ring. Using a thread, measure the circumference of your finger and compare it to your printed-out ring size reference if you do not have one.

Analyse the Incision:

How efficiently the angles and proportions of a stone interact with light isn’t truly the form (think: round, oval, pear). Diamonds are created as raw stones, not faceted jewels. If a stone is cut incorrectly, it might be ruined even if it is otherwise excellent. You should only choose diamonds of exceptional or perfect cut from a jeweller’s inventory. Ensure the depth percentage is below 62.5 per cent and the table percentage is below 60 per cent for round-cut diamonds. Excellent if you can see 360-degree movies of loose gems. Make sure the stone has the shine and brightness that you want.

When purchasing an engagement ring in Melbourne or a wedding band online, it’s crucial to remember that it’s a reflection of your or your partner’s particular style. Do you have your heart set on platinum, rose gold, or bohemian yellow gold setting? Are you seeking a classic aesthetic, or are you more interested in basic solitaire designs? Explore a wide range of ring styles and metals until you discover the perfect sparkler for you.

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