A serious motor vehicle accident almost always results in a traumatic incident. Unfortunately, it may be inevitable, given the prevalence of car accidents in Colorado. If you have experienced a car accident in Colorado, you may also be anxious and overburdened. Who will cover my medical expenses? Will I ever regain my original self? Being knowledgeable can make dealing with the aftermath of a car accident easier. It’s crucial to comprehend the following critical information about Colorado car accidents.

Seek medical care immediately after an automobile collision.

You might not immediately experience pain following your injury, so you might not be aware of all of your wounds. Seeking immediate medical care is vital for the following two reasons:

  • You want to ensure that any medical issues you experience due to the accident are dealt with quickly and appropriately. Your health is what matters most.
  • You should immediately develop a documentation trail with a medical provider if you decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Additionally, you should have a doctor immediately after the accident document your health because this supports your injuries in court.

Respect the time limitations and other state rules of accidents in Colorado.

According to Colorado Revised Statute Sections 13-80–101, you have three years from the car accident date to initiate a personal injury lawsuit. The filing period for a claim simply for property damage is two years.

Keep in mind that Colorado’s statute of limitations only applies to litigation. The amount of time following the accident you have to submit a claim to an insurance company is unlimited. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to file your vehicle insurance claim in Colorado after the collision as soon as possible.

Never agree to sign anything from an insurance provider without a lawyer.

This is one of the snares that insurance firms try to set for a frazzled auto accident victim. You may receive a “routine form” to sign from the faulty driver’s insurance provider. They don’t warn you that these documents can allow them full access to your work and medical records.

You are not required to grant them now access to information about you. You will give the insurer limited medical and wage loss details later in the insurance claim or litigation. But not on their terms; on yours. If anything, ask them to contact your lawyer.

Seek free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

Consider hiring an accomplished Denver Car Accident Lawyer – The Wilhite Law Firm if you believe your auto accident is worth more than a few thousand dollars. Serious auto collisions are complicated, and you may suffer more injuries than you think. It’s frequently a modest price to pay for the contingency fee your lawyer charges you (about 1/3 of the damages awarded).

The takeaway

Give yourself ample time to look into the collision and bargain for a reasonable settlement to safeguard your legal rights. Remember that the party with the strongest documentation typically prevails in a big auto accident claim or lawsuit. So, document your accident injuries, discomfort, and medical care with numerous notes and photos.

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