Tips for Creating Engaging Content on Instagram Stories

Are you a social media guru looking to up your Instagram Stories game? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Creating fun and engaging content on Instagram Stories is an art form, one that takes practice and a willingness to experiment. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some pro tips to make your Stories pop and keep your followers swiping up and tapping through frame after frame.

 Whether you’re promoting your brand, building your business, or just sharing your latest adventures, these tricks of the trade will have you creating irresistible Instagram Stories content in no time. So charge up that iPhone, grab your favorite filter, and get ready to engage your audience on a whole new level. The Instagram Stories revolution starts now!

Use Interactive Stickers and Emojis

To make your Instagram Stories pop, you’ve gotta use the fun interactive features. Stickers and emojis allow you to engage your viewers and keep things interesting.

Add polls to get opinions and start conversations. Pose a question with two options and see what people prefer. Polls are an easy way to get insights into what your audience cares about so you can post more of that type of content.

Quizzes and questions are another great option. Asking things like “What’s your favorite movie snack?” or “Are you a morning person or night owl?” lets your followers share details about themselves. Then you can respond to and repost some of the answers.

Don’t forget about sliders, countdowns and gifs too. Sliders allow people to vote on a range, so you could ask “How much do you love pizza?” and have a slider from 1 to 10. Countdowns build excitement for an upcoming product launch or event. And gifs, well they’re just fun.

Emojis also help bring some personality to your Stories. Add a smiley, winky or heart-eyed face. Use the hand gestures to point to products or draw attention to something on the screen. Even just a few well-placed emojis can make your content seem more friendly and lighthearted.

Add Location Tags and Hashtags

Want to up your Instagram Stories game? Adding location tags and hashtags is a must. Here are some tips to get you started:

First things first, turn on your location tagging feature in the Instagram app. This allows you to tag the specific location where your story takes place. Your followers will appreciate knowing exactly where that cute café or scenic lookout is located.

When adding a location, be as specific as possible. Rather than just tagging your city or neighborhood, tag the actual business or public place. This helps others discover new spots in your area and gives that location extra promotion and exposure.

Hashtags are also essential for maximizing views and engagement on your stories. Add a mix of popular hashtags (like #instagood or #photooftheday) along with more niche hashtags tailored to your content. For example, #foodie, #travelgram or #naturelover. The more relevant hashtags you include, the more people outside your follower base will discover your story.

A good rule of thumb is to use 3 to 5 hashtags per story. Place them at the bottom of your story in a line or stack them on top of each other. Make the text size smaller so they don’t dominate or distract from your actual content.

Ask Questions to Increase Engagement

To boost engagement with your Instagram Stories, ask your followers questions. People love sharing their thoughts and opinions, so give them opportunities to do so.

Pose open-ended questions

Ask broad questions that encourage substantive responses, not just one-word answers. For example, instead of “Do you like summer or winter better?” ask “What’s your favorite season and why?” Questions starting with “what,” “how,” or “why” often work well.

Share multiple choice questions

Post a poll with a few options for people to choose from. This makes responding even easier for your followers. For example, ask “What’s your go-to coffee order?” and include options like “Black coffee,” “Latte,” “Mocha,” or “I don’t drink coffee.”

Ask for opinions

Questions like “What do you think of…?” or “Would you rather…?” prompt followers to share their perspectives. For example, if you run a travel account, ask “Would you rather go camping in the mountains or relax on the beach?”

Request recommendations

Followers are usually happy to provide suggestions when asked. Try questions like “What’s your favorite product for?” or “Where’s the best place to find?” For example, a fashion account might ask “What’s your go-to jeans brand?”

Respond and re-share

Engage further by replying to answers in your Stories and re-sharing some of the responses you receive. This shows your followers you read their comments and value their input. It also gives them a chance to start a conversation with you and connect with each other.

Use Countdown Stickers to Build Anticipation

Instagram Stories are a fun way to engage with your followers in a more casual and authentic way. One feature that can boost engagement and build anticipation are countdown stickers. Here are some tips for using countdown stickers effectively:

Choose an Event or Announcement Worth Counting Down To

Countdown stickers work best when leading up to something exciting like a product launch, contest, or big announcement. Think about what your followers would be eager to count down for. Is there a live stream, webinar, or other virtual event coming up? Do you have a new blog post or video premiering soon? Countdown stickers are a great way to build hype.

Start Your Countdown Far Enough in Advance

Begin your countdown sticker story at least 3 to 7 days before the big reveal or event. This gives your followers enough time to get excited and spread the word. Starting too early, like 2 weeks in advance, or too late risks losing momentum and impact. Find the sweet spot for your particular audience and announcement.

Follow Up to Keep Engagement Going

Don’t stop engaging with your followers after the countdown ends. But if you don’t have enough Instagram followers, you can change that today! We recommend buying from a top social media store like Mixx. You’ll get high-quality and engaging followers at good rates. Follow up by going live again to answer any questions, posting Stories of people enjoying your new product or blog post, or announcing next steps. Countdown stickers are a tool to spark initial interest, so keep that momentum and conversation going even after the reveal.


So there you have it, a few tips to up your Instagram Stories game and create content your followers will love. Try mixing up your content with a variety of formats like polls, questions, and countdowns. Engage with your followers by replying to their messages and comments. Use interesting fonts, stickers, and effects to bring your stories to life. And most importantly, post authentic content that matches your brand and shows off your personality. If you follow these tips, your Instagram Stories will become a highlight for your followers each and every day. Now get out there and start creating some killer content! The possibilities are endless.

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