What are the five important features of a Case Management System?

Today, using Case Management Software has become a norm among companies because it helps manage important case data. There are two ways you can get software like that: purchasing it from a company that makes it or hiring a professional software developer to create and manage the software. 

Many people think that this software is created for some specific domains, but it is not true. No matter what domain a company belongs to, it has a lot of data to manage. These software come in different styles and features; you can even get a customised Case Management System created for your company. 

The following points list five features that should be there in a good CMS, so if you want one, make sure you know about these five features so that you can accordingly find one:

Custom form creation

The most crucial aspect of any CMS is data collection. You will have to enter data like demographics, case histories, results, numerics, outcomes, etc. So, to enter such varied data in software, the software must have methods to create custom forms that allow you to enter both qualitative and quantitative data. It allows you to collect data in your way rather than adjusting to the pre-existing format. 

Multiple instance survey sends

Another feature you must have in your CMS is a multiple-instance survey. There might be situations in your workspace where you are required to send the same survey multiple times to one or many individuals. You will be able to collect different assessments and survey reports under one survey. This feature is essential because it is not possible to enter all aspects of the survey in one go; hence, a multi-instance survey is needed. 

Multi-entry data collection forms

It is important to have multiple data entry functions in a CMS because it allows you to enter data in multiple variables. It not only enhances the productivity of the software but also saves a lot of time because you won’t have to wait for your teammates to get done with their entries; you can easily do it from your end while they do it from their end. 

Custom data calculations

Suppose you have to handle a lot of mathematical data for your work. In that case, you must have custom data calculations feature in your CMS because it will allow you to use your own formulas to solve problems and analyse data. The purpose of this feature is to simplify and customise the process and make it more user-friendly. 

Cohort outcomes tracking

This feature allows you to track multiple groups of data in one go instead of doing it individually. It can help in finding inequities related to gender, income, age, race, etc. If you regularly want to evaluate the scope for improvement and enhancement, then this feature is essential for your Case Management System. 

E-signature system

The most important feature of a CMS is an E-signature system so that you can easily get your important documents verified without printing, getting manual signatures, and scanning again. So, if you want to save yourself from the trouble of all the manual labour then you must get a CMS enabled with an E-signature system. 

These points list all the features you must have in your CMS. Many companies manufacture such software for different companies. So, you can find a company and get it customsied for your work as per your requirements. 

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