Which TV Technology is the Most Energy-Efficient Today?

Energy efficiency is one of the crucial factors to consider when selecting a TV product. Each TV technology has different power consumption and various energy-saving features. Refer to the following article to find out which TV technology is the most energy-efficient today.

1.  Power Consumption of Different TV Technologies

In addition to screen size, each TV technology has varying electricity consumption. Refer to the table below to better understand the power consumption of different TV technologies today:

TV Technology Power ConsumptionCharacteristics
OLED 100W – 300WUtilizes organic light-emitting diodes to create images, providing accurate colors, high contrast, and a thin and flexible design.
QLED100W – 400WUtilizes Quantum Dot particles to enhance color and contrast in LED-LCD displays.
LED-LCD 150W – 500WUses LED backlighting for LCD displays.
MicroLED150W – 500WUtilizes millions of tiny self-emitting pixels, offering high-quality colors, brightness, and durability.
Mini-LED150W – 500WUses smaller LEDs, referred to as mini-LEDs, to enhance contrast and display deeper blacks in LED-LCD screens.

From the table, it is evident that OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology is the most energy-efficient TV technology. With the ability to turn off individual pixels to achieve true black colors, OLED TVs have contributed to reducing energy consumption when displaying dark scenes. Additionally, OLED TVs do not require continuous backlighting, resulting in lower energy consumption in low-light display situations.

OLED technology has the best power saving ability among all TV technologies

Tivi Sony 55 inch are currently highly rated for their energy-saving features, offering savings of 30 – 40% in electricity consumption. With power ratings ranging from 140W – 160W and a maximum average retail electricity price of 2,444.09 VND/kWh, the electricity cost for using Sony 55-inch TVs for 1 hour is only around 342 – 391 VND.

2. 3 Criteria to Help You Choose an Energy-Efficient TV

In addition to the screen technology, there are three important criteria you should not overlook when searching for an energy-efficient TV product:

1 – Screen Size: Larger TVs typically consume more energy. Consider a balance between screen size and energy consumption.

2 – Energy-Saving Modes: Many TVs offer energy-saving modes such as Eco mode or automatic power-off when inactive. Check for these features and utilize them to reduce energy consumption.

3- Check Energy Labels: Manufacturers often provide information on a product’s energy consumption on its label. Compare TVs and choose a model with a higher energy label rating. Opt for TV products with a 5-star energy label to achieve the best energy savings.

Checking the energy sticker when buying a TV helps you quickly check the nominal capacity and electricity saving ability of the TV 

85QN900B are some of the products that excel in energy efficiency. These TVs not only receive a 5-star energy rating but are also equipped with an automatic power-off feature (shuts off after a period of inactivity) and an Eco sensor (automatically adjusts screen brightness and backlight intensity according to the ambient light), maximizing energy savings and reducing electricity costs.

We hope this article helps you find an answer to the question of “which TV technology is the most energy-efficient.” With the continuous development of technology, the future may bring even more improvements in energy efficiency for different TV types. However, at present, OLED technology remains the most energy-efficient TV technology.

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