3 Best Tips to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2023

Instagram, like a few years ago, continues its development. Today, the audience of the platform is about 2 billion people every month. Just imagine : this is 1/4 of all the inhabitants of the planet. A large audience, many formats and excellent navigation in the application; that’s what makes Insta one of the best modern social networks for entrepreneurs and influencers. But, of course, there is also a minus – tangible competition.

Every day it becomes more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd and form your loyal community. But this does not mean that this goal is unattainable. Anything is possible, and even in 2023 you can still compete for a place in the sun. A reliable promotion strategy and the right ways to attract an audience will help you in this. Today we’ll share the best tips for novice bloggers, including why creators buy real Instagram followers and how this affects their account statistics. Guided by this text, it’ll be easier for you to navigate the platform and create a competitive blog. Read on!

  1. Clearly define your niche and target audience

Some newcomers make a lot of mistakes due to the fact that they could not determine the topic of the blog at the initial stage. This can actually be a big problem: your promotional promotion strategy should be based on the interests of potential fans. 

Therefore, before you start using ways to attract new followers, make sure that you’ve an idea of what your page will look like in six months, and what content it will be filled with. This is necessary so that users who have visited your account immediately understand what the blog is about and whether they’re interested in it. Decide immediately what your account is and only then proceed to more decisive actions.

  1. Invest in your page 

What makes your page as attractive to users as possible? Of course, a large number of followers. This is the first thing that visitors pay attention to; subscribers are proof that you’ve managed to achieve some results on the platform, and your content deserves attention. We would recommend starting investing in the page at the very beginning – buy Instagram followers immediately after publishing several posts. Don’t delay with this, take care of the attractiveness of the page in advance. By the way, it also has a great impact on statistics – your posts will appear more often in trends, contributing to the expansion of the fan base. The platform’s algorithms will start to consider your publications more valuable and interesting than before. 

Within a couple of days after the purchase, you’ll see an increased interest in the audience and feel more confident. But never buy bots and fakes, this can be followed by a ban. Make sure that the company sells real fans; ask for a high quality guarantee.

  1. Use Reels 

Instagram is much more than photos and texts. Short clips collect millions of views, and their authors become incredibly famous, getting more and more new fans every day. Algorithms popularize such content by sending it to the recommendations of thousands of users. Don’t doubt, your videos can become popular, even if there are 1000 (or even less) followers on the page – this does not affect the promotion of clips in any way. Reels directly affect the increase in user engagement, try it!

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