30 Second Awnings: Easy or Safe?

Look no further if you desire an awning with a simple setup, a huge shade footprint, and excellent build quality. The 30 Second Awning is undoubtedly the most critical expenditure you can make in your camping setup, and you may set it up wherever you wish and enjoy some shade.

It is undeniably expensive, with a price tag of more than $1000. This is, however, an investment in a high-quality item that addresses the issues of shade, safety, and setup time. With this, you won’t have to fumble with your awning poles, snap components, or waste 5+ minutes for the setup of a standard awning in windy weather.

All You Need to Know

30 Second Awnings are fantastic tools to cover the entirety of your vehicle’s parts from the sides to the raise. There are about 12 square meters of covered area and no poles. Meanwhile, the product is evaluated based on Australian Policy, 2000. It costs $1095 and comes with a Foxwing, Batwing, and 270-degree poleless awning style.

The 30 Second Awnings consist of four essential components, which are:

  • The Structure
  • The Awning body
  • The Third Pole
  • The Purse

The 280gsm Ripblock Canvas provides 12 square metres of shade. The extra walls that you can purchase with your awning are made of the same fabric. The broad canvas offers sunny and rainy weather protection, as well as being rot and water-resistant.

A thick Polyvinyl-chloride waterproofing bag accomplishes the setup by protecting the awning when not being used. They manage to complete a lap around Australia and can even survive three years under the brutal Australian heat. Meanwhile, the bag has two closures, so you can padlock the tool to prevent others from opening it.


  • Setup time is under 30 seconds!!
  • There are no poles in it.
  • Pegs and guy ropes are included.
  • It could have walls, and it’s an optional add-on that’s completely enclosed.

The most notable characteristic of 30 Second Awnings is how quickly they can be set up. It’s possible that it can be set up in less than 30 seconds. Moreover, the aluminium casing and its propensity to be set up without poles contribute to the quick setup time and easy usability. With this, you will get 12 square metres of uninterrupted, pole-free space.

Why Is It Worthwhile to Invest In the Product?

Since the awning is simple and has a quick setup, it is well worth the money, and it casts a large amount of shade. Additionally, you can set this up in whatever way you like. Meanwhile, a regular awning might take as little as 5 minutes for it to set up, so there’s little logic why you wouldn’t use the alternative.

Because of the benefits, you are likely to make use of it, making the investment worthwhile. It’s also worth concentrating on that to acquire a similar coverage area. Meanwhile, you may get two awnings, which will cost you around $300+ in any case. So, set aside the extra income and invest in something which will definitely last.

The 30 Second Winged Awning is a multi-purpose vehicle awning. It has a shorter setup time and a large shaded area devoid of poles and cables, a high-quality aluminium frame and a 280gsm waterproof canvas. 

In 30 Second Awning, it will give you lots and roughly 12 square meters of shade. The canvas is a strong 280gsm riplock, making it stand out from other awnings. And unless the wind is howling, no poles or ropes are required.

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