5 Benefits Of Feeding Raw Diet To Your Cat

When it comes to feeding cats, there’s never an entirely right or wrong answer. Different diets work for other cats. However, since cats are predators and their evolution was based on a prey-based diet, a raw diet works well too. 

Raw Food Diet: Everything There Is To Know 

Cat ownership in Australia rose during the onset of the global pandemic, and with it, the popularity of a raw diet for cats. Many Australians believe that it’s the healthiest option for their furry friends. For those who don’t know, a raw food diet consists of raw muscle and organ meat of chicken and fish, eggs, and ground bones. Bones are a great source of calcium which aids bone repair and growth. Meat also consists of essential compounds that keep a cat’s joints healthy. Considering how a cat’s health and diet are connected, it might be beneficial to implement a raw food diet. As long as it meets the standards set forward by the PFIAA, Australian pet owners can feed their cats a raw diet if that’s what they see fit. 

Benefits Of a Raw Diet For Cats: 

For those who are unable to choose between canned food and a raw diet for their feline pets, here are some advantages of a raw diet that will help cement your decision: 

1. Keep The Oral Health In Tip-Top Condition: 

A raw diet helps cats maintain their oral health in better condition compared to their diets consisting of canned and processed food. Constant chewing on raw meat and bones will help keep the plaque and tartar in check, and the various enzymes in raw meat will help keep their mouths clean. Plus, the low level of carbohydrates and sugar will prevent bacteria from thriving on them and wreaking havoc in the oral cavity. 

2. Healthier Digestive Health:

It might come as no surprise that cats, being better suited for raw meat, can digest them better than any processed or canned food. Raw diets help cats attune better to their digestive health, getting all the necessary nutrients as nature intended. 

3. Less Smelly Stools: 

One of the most hectic tasks for cat owners in Australia is cleaning up after their cats. However, cats fed raw diets tend to have healthier, less smelly stools since the raw diet is more digestible. Raw food will quicken the digestive process. This means that only less will be coming back out. 

4. Better Food, Less Desperation:

It’s not uncommon to find cats begging for food even though they were fed an hour ago. A raw diet for cats can help with this since most raw diets are rich in protein and hence, very filling. No more greedy cats hanging around and begging for scraps. Moreover, the less hungry they are, the less prone they will be to overeating and obesity. 

5. Improved Energy Levels And Stronger Immune System: 

A raw diet consists of all the essential nutrients that are otherwise missing in processed pet foods in Australia. The nutrients and naturally occurring fatty acids help boost the cat’s immune system, reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune response. Thanks to the myriad of essential nutrients, cats will have better energy levels, leading to better overall body activity. Better health will also be evident in better fur and coat health. After a few months of a raw diet, a cat’s coat becomes soft and shiny, along with the development of healthy skin, signifying an improvement in overall health.

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