6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Removal Company

When there are so many things to pack and organise for a move with less time, it is wise to hire removals. Meanwhile, Melbourne is brimming with 50.8 lakhs people and has increased the demand for housing. It has one of the highest population growth rates in Australia, increasing the demand for housing by another 25,000 units every year. Thus, many people buy houses, and many will need removals in Melbourne. So the process of moving house or office is a difficult task. Many people experience stress, anxiety, and anger during the process. And the challenges of moving can be even more daunting and downright scary when you have children. Thus, it is a compulsion to choose a removal company.

However, the question is how to choose the best one.

1. Conduct Research Online

The first step is to conduct research online, and it can help you directly connect with the local removal companies. Besides, this way you can know what services they provide, how they provide them and also their reputation in the industry.

Opting for local removals will benefit you as they will be well aware of the local transport links and parking. As such, you will never have to worry about the route and the suitable vehicle you need.

2. Look for Testimonies and Reviews

Reviews are essential for two reasons. Firstly, they reduce the risk of getting scammed. Secondly, they help people see things in a different light. As such, it is the best way to gauge the quality service of the company, and you can quickly know what other customers think about the company. So before choosing a removal company, take time and check the reviews and testimonies and check how good they are.

3. Know the Services Provided

Usually, the services will include packing, loading and transport, unloading, unpacking, packing materials, storage ( short term or long term ), handyman services to dismantle and reassemble, and parking. However, these services may vary.

4. Obtain a Written Quote

Reach out to the company and ask for a written quote, and check whether all the cost is included in the quote. The quote should have detailed information regarding every aspect of their service. And if you find specific details missing, talk to the company and clarify.

Meanwhile, do not fall for cheap quotes; weigh the services against the cost. As such, if you do not get comprehensive services, you will end up spending additional money on left-out services.

The cost will generally be affected by the volume of furniture and other personal items, the distance between the properties, services from packing to unpacking, items under the list of special care, special items demanding extra care, equipment, packaging, etc.

5. Tell Your Requirement and Ask for a Pre-Move Survey

Allocate time, write down your needs, discuss the condition with the removals company and ask them for a pre-move survey. And many removals in Melbourne will accept to visit your place and survey the job. They will know how many things you have, and you can plan accordingly through this.

6. Insurance

You may talk about the possibilities of delay and then plan over it. Ask them and ensure they possess adequate insurance for your things and, most importantly, the time limit to claim the insurance soon after the move.

If expensive things are on your list, know about the special package needed. You should also check whether it will be covered by the removal company’s insurance terms and conditions. Meanwhile, removal companies will have a limited liability per package. So, reveal the value of items in the box.

Finally, remember you are hiring a removal company to ease the process. So check whether they are approachable and friendly, and ensure they are ready to help you in all circumstances.

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