All terrain tyres- The all-purpose tyres for your vehicle

There are different types of tyres available in the market these days. The one you choose will depend on various factors like the make and model of the car, your driving style, the place you live, and how your vehicle is used. For instance, if you live in the countryside, you will need a tyre that provides a better grip on muddy roads. If you are regularly driving on highways, you will need wear-resistant, highly durable tyres that do not create a lot of noise and last long. But if you want your vehicle to perform competently on all surfaces- dry, wet, muddy, or lightly snow-covered, you would need products like all terrain tyres.

As the name suggests, all-terrain or A/T tyres are all-purpose tyres that offer unmatched performance on all driving surfaces. These are used for traction on all types of surfaces, including off and on-road, as they get the open-tread design of off-road tyres together with the finest handling of street tyres. To know more interesting facts about A/T tyres, scroll down and continue reading!

Vehicles that may need all terrain tyres

Though you can get A/T tyres for any vehicle you have, certain types of vehicles truly need such pieces, and they are as follows.

  • Light trucks are used on both on- and off-road surfaces and their average load capacity is 4000 pounds or less. While the regular light truck tyres can handle the load, A/T tyres fit better and enhance the driving experience.
  • Pickup trucks are mainly used for transporting goods and may drive in mud areas and even rock sometimes. Plus, they carry a larger load of 6000 or less. Therefore, they need better support and grip, which A/T tyres offer.
  • SUVs: A/T tyres can work with SUVs because SUVs fall in the same load capacity class as pickup trucks. But before you choose between A/T tyres, SUVs, and street tyres, consider the purpose of your ride.
  • Campers need off-road tyres of bigger sizes up to 37 inches. A/T tyres are a good alternative for these vehicles as these tyres come with stiffer sidewalls and aggressive tread that enhances their performance while handling mud, rock, or even snow.
  • Four-wheel drive: If you go off-road frequently, you can get A/T tyres for your regular vehicle. But remember that the tyres you choose should synchronise with the speed rate and load index specified by the automaker. It should also match the wheel’s size so that the car’s performance is not affected.

Things you need to look for in all terrain tyres

While buying all terrain tyres, you must keep the following things in mind to choose high-quality tyres that fit all your needs and suit your vehicle.

  • Plies play a significant role in determining the strength of tyres, so make sure the tyre has more plies than regular ones.
  • Look for the products with more open tread because it makes it strong and offers a better grip.
  • Make sure the tyres you choose have good reviews on durability.
  • Look for tyres ideal for muddy conditions and wet weather; you can rest assured that your vehicle can handle anything. 
  • Get tyres that have anti-chip properties; these are ideal for off-road driving.

The last piece of suggestion for you is, don’t forget to check the reviews of your selected tyres before finalising the product. Make sure you have done enough research.

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