Commission is what pays the bills for real estate professionals, so knowing how commission structures work is important.  It is common in the majority of traditional brokerage firms that there is a commission split between the agent and the brokerage, where the agent gets a certain percentage and the brokerage gets a different percentage.  What kind of commission structure would entail a 100% commission rate, if that is the case?

For a moment, I would like to discuss 100% Commission Structures.  What does that entail?

Are 100% commissions as literal as they sound? In a technical sense, yes.  An agent who joins a brokerage with a 100% commission model receives 100 percent commission real estate broker with every transaction.  There is usually some sort of monthly fee associated with being a member of that brokerage, as well as some kind of transaction fee. Whether you should be on a more traditional split or a 100% commission model depends on what your business looks like. 

Companies that offer 100% commissions on real estate

In the industry, there are a number of companies claiming to have a 100% commission model.  Unfortunately, there are only a few companies that have managed to successfully establish a 100% commission model.  In the real estate industry, Realty ONE Group is one of the leading 100% commission companies.anies in the United States.  As you can see, with a philosophy of encouraging agents to reinvest in their own businesses by putting more money in their pockets, it creates a winning environment across all avenues.  Realty ONE Group has experienced incredible growth and expansion due to the fact that agents all around the globe are realizing that this 100% model actually works.  Despite paying a small monthly fee, you also have access to a host of incredible resources that include:

With an in-house creative agency, we provide incredible marketing and branding services 

We offer the best training and education in the industry through our Learning Management System (LMS) Using the latest technologies and tools, the real estate process can be streamlined 

I would like to discuss my fees with you

The fact that agents create their own businesses is important to take into account.  In the event an agent does not sell any homes, then they will not receive any commission, and if they are with a brokerage that has a 100% commission model, then they will be paying fees every month as well.  If an agent is not compensated by a commission from a transaction, these monthly fees, transaction fees, and broker fees can add up.  Fees from a brokerage are usually accompanied by tools, resources, and education. The 100% commission model isn’t for everyone, but for those who want to make real estate a career, have a determined attitude, a passion for success, and want to earn more money, it might be a good choice.


The real estate market is constantly changing. Throughout history, some markets have experienced fast growth while others have experienced declines. Several factors contribute to each market’s temperature.

It is possible that today’s hottest property markets will turn cold tomorrow. Real estate brokerages must be able to weather the storm during downturns. Recent reports indicate that many new real estate companies close within two years. Yet others continue to flounder despite the ups and downs of the market.

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