No matter how well you maintain your roof, severe weather and accidents can lead to roof damage. A building may need emergency roof repairs after being hit by high winds or trees.

Preventative work, such as removing roof snow to prevent ice damming, can prevent certain emergency roof repairs, such as roof leak repairs. In case of an emergency, you can rely on pro Home Construction for effective and fast roof repairs.Roof repair can be a challenge depending on the roofing material. There is often damage to the shingles on asphalt shingles, wood shingles, concrete tiles, and clay tiles, so those pieces must be replaced. Metal roofing panels are generally larger in size, so they are replaced only if spot repairs are ineffective. The liquid and rolled waterproofing compounds are completely different from those used for flat roof repairs.


Is your roof leaking? Sunset Roofing & Chimney Inc. specializes in repairing and replacing Roof repair Long Island. We provide high quality roofing services in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, and Westchester County, whether it is the repair of a leaky roof or the installation of a brand new roof.Our work is guaranteed to stop roof leaks no matter what we do for you. We can tell you what needs to be done to stop a leak or a fault in your roof at the source, if your roof is leaking or faulty.

There are a number of causes that lead to roof leaks:

One of the most common causes of leaking roofs is a broken shingle or cracked flashing, but other factors can also cause leaks. In general, chimneys have a tendency to leak their roofs more frequently than houses without chimneys. In the case of hard rain, strong winds are usually present, which result in the rain blowing in all directions. In the event of a horizontal rain, the water will easily enter cracks and crevices in your roof and shingles that would not be easily accessible in a lighter rain.


Because your roof is leaking, you do not necessarily need to replace it all in order to fix it. If you have multiple leaks in different areas of the roof within a short period of time, then you may need to replace the entire roof, unless the leaks are located in different areas of the roof at the same time, in which case you should replace the entire roof. Depending on how badly damaged your shingles are, you might just need someone to repair them instead of replacing them entirely.

Proper licensing and full insurance are required when hiring Long Island Roofers

If you hire an unlicensed or uninsured roofing contractor, you may be at fault or face extreme stress. In New York State, it is illegal to work as a roofing contractor? The problem with this is that some roofing contractors may act as if this is not something that is needed or offer you such a good price that you feel it is worth taking the risk but homeowners can end up losing a lot financially and emotionally, so we suggest doing a background check and staying away from companies out there that try and mislead you when it comes to having the right licenses and insurance. A contractor who offers you an amazing price but fails to provide you with the correct documents and coverage can become your liability.

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