Healthy Food For Any Holidays

We celebrate many amazing holidays all over the world. There are many amazing traditions and dishes according to different holidays. All that is making them so fantastic and marvelous. Though, there are many times when we curse ourselves after eating too much fatty food. We have prepared some interesting information for you so you could use it when you are going to prepare for the next celebration. Also, after a hard preparation, the best thing is to rest and relax. While you are waiting for your guests, you can check out the best online casinos. Enjoy your holidays! 

Vegetables Are Great

        Try to add as many vegetables as possible to any holiday snacks and main dishes. They can be both fresh and cooked. It will not be superfluous to add protein to meals. Vegetables and protein in snacks will help you not to overeat in the future and get drunk more slowly. It is best to make snacks that are comfortable to hold in your hand and that are not too difficult to prepare. So healthy meals will become simpler for you.

     You can cook, for example, a shrimp appetizer with vegetables in lettuce leaves. To do this, rinse and dry the shrimp, then fry them in vegetable oil with salt and pepper for 5 minutes. Put them in a separate bowl, and then finely chop. Fry finely chopped red bell pepper, celery, and green beans.

     Mix the soy sauce, honey, and rice vinegar in a small bowl. It will take in the microwave for 10 seconds to soften the honey. Add the chopped shrimp back to the pan. Then pour the sauce over the shrimp and vegetables and let sit for 2 minutes until the sauce thickens and warms while the vegetables stay crispy.

      Spread the mixture on lettuce leaves, sprinkle with sesame seeds and dried onions, or finely chopped spicy nori.

Choose The Most Delicious Meat

      The main advice for any holiday in the style of a healthy lifestyle is to reduce the amount of fat in all dishes. Try not to use pork, lamb, or duck, it is better to replace them with fish, chicken, rabbit, or lean beef. For marinade, spiced Greek yogurt, honey with lemon, ginger, soy sauce, and seasoned sesame oil are best suited. Avoid commercial sauces with added sugar.

    If you are visiting and have fatty meat on your table, then choose pieces with less fat. Instead of frying meat, it is better to bake it. If you want the meat to have a crust, then bake it in salt or put it on convection mode in the last 5-7 minutes of baking, removing the foil from the mold.

       To make a tasty and healthy chicken for any holiday is pretty simple. Rub it with garlic and place thin slices of butter or ghee under the skin. Drizzle with lemon juice oil and sprinkle with Italian herbs. Arrange broccoli, green beans, sweet potatoes, and apples around the chicken. The chicken will turn out juicy and the vegetables will become fragrant after cooking in the juice secreted by the meat.

Salads Without Mayounezz And Sausages

      The main problem with salads loved by many. They have too much-saturated fat from mayonnaise and sausage, as well as salt from cucumbers or herring. Salad according to the principles of a healthy lifestyle should be with a low-calorie sauce, low salt and sugar content, and high protein.

       Sausage in the salad can be replaced with beef tongue or any lean meat. And add fresh cucumbers to pickles. This will give the salad a more interesting taste. Make sure the peas are free of added sugar. There is nothing wrong with potatoes in salads if you like them. But there is a life hack on how to make them even healthier. After cooking, cool the root vegetables in the refrigerator and only then cut them into a salad. The fact is that chilled potatoes contain a lot of resistant starch, or probiotics, which are good for our intestines. In only cooked warm potatoes, it is about half as much.

      A warm salad with chicken liver and apples may well play the role of a full meal. There are fresh lettuce leaves, tender chicken liver, sweet caramel apples, and an unusual cranberry-orange dressing. All together it will provide the perfect balance of flavors. The acidity and sweetness of the fruit will set off the rich taste of the liver. Another advantage of this recipe is that it cooks very quickly, because it is enough to fry the chicken liver for 4-5 minutes, otherwise it will dry out. Properly cooked chicken liver is pale pink in the center. To keep it warm at the time of serving, it makes sense to first caramelize the apples and only then fry the liver and heat the sauce in a pan. Do not put hot liver and apples immediately on lettuce leaves so that the greens do not dry out from the temperature, first let them cool a little on a separate plate, and then serve the salad beautifully and pour over the dressing.

Fruits And Desserts

      The idea of having dessert after a heavy dinner, especially if it’s with alcohol, is not very healthy in the first place. But if you can’t live without the finishing touch to your feast, then choose the most low-calorie options with a short composition: fruits, low-fat chocolate, chia seeds with coconut milk, dried fruits, meringue, or sugar-free marshmallow.

     Fatty options with a lot of sugar will only worsen the liver and exacerbate the effect of alcohol. Dessert along with it can be an additional trigger for a hangover.

     Serving a festive table according to the principles of PP is not difficult at all. The most important life hack to feel good and wake up refreshed the next day is not to overeat or drink too much. Then you can afford even unhealthy food and alcohol.

     Cottage cheese casserole with apple and cinnamon would bring fanatics taste to any holiday. Preparing no more than 20 minutes saturates with vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins. The ingredients are simple, you don’t have to look for something special. Most likely, most of it is already in your refrigerator. Another indisputable convenience of the casserole is that you need to cook it not in the oven, but in the microwave. So, you do not have to waste time and wait until the device heats up to the desired temperature. Not a single minute is wasted while semolina swells, you can peel apples, and while the dish is baking, make coffee.

     Any holidays bring lots of fun and delicious moments. You can make those moments healthy! 

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